Gaming News: Capcom to release DuckTales Remastered

Could Hell be freezing over? Is “Crapcom” about to release a good game? Well, it certainly seems like it, after the trailer for DuckTales Remastered, a remaking of the classic NES game, came out. The trailer shows in-game footage, with a hand-drawn cast of characters interacting with a 2.5D background. With every other 2D platform game being remade with a 2.5D background, I think the style of DuckTales Remastered should fit in quite nicely. With IGN claiming that Disney voice talent are hard at work recording for the game, and the 8-bit game’s soundtrack has been remade for our modern ears, Capcom could finally be releasing something that us folks here at TigerTails Gaming could actually get interested in. Especially if they don’t foul up the soundtrack. Enjoy the trailer.

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