Editorial: Three reasons why I bought my current gen.

1. I’m a gamer.

2. I liked certain games on each console when I bought them.

3. Credit card.

With the launch of both the XboxOne and PS4, I’d thought I throw in my 10p about buying consoles. Back when both the 360 and PS3 launched, I was still playing on the last gen, mostly Final Fantasy and Halo. I ignored the launch, aside from seeing if anything good was coming out, as the consoles were expensive. Most people were jumping on the new console wagon, talking each up and critising the other.

I got my PS3 when the boxed Batman game came out, for the reasons above, a good while after the launch. It was a slim PS4 and I played the hell out of Batman, and never finished it properly. My 360 I got for Halo 4, a series that I enjoyed and have played and completed for each game, bar Reach and Wars. Again, it was not a launch console I got, both had their fair share of bugs, the PS3 crashing out far more than the 360.

I have played both to death, and I am expecting to do so for some time like I did with my PS2 which I still have.

With the new consoles I am expecting to do the same thing, although with a longer wait I expect. The only games I have interest in are WatchDogs and TitanFall, with an option on Halo 5 and the next Batman game. So it will be quite a while I suspect, before I pick up a new console.

Yet the first reason is that I am a gamer, so why not jump on them now?

Both launch line ups are not really interesting, both having games across all platforms. The launch games are also being plagued by new hardware issues/software issues, or they don’t hold my interest, or are not good (See Knack).

This wont stop me from checking out the PS4, if and when it gets to Hedgies and TKs. But I don’t have that vibe that made me jump up and down. I really like the xbox features, the entertainment and kinect parts being great for the non gamers in my house as well as for myself. Being able to suspend and flip to something else seamlessly is great, as well as the smartglass functions. The PS4 has the horsepower, and will play games, but so will my PS3 and I hear more about the controller being good than good games. Sure, having indie games will be great, but I play on steam. Oh, and I get to pay for multiplayer, which is still likely to suck. I will also have PSplus, which is the best feature I’ve seen, but does go through patches of having games I care about, and then a bunch that I don’t care for.

I think I shall wait until I find something that perks my interest…

Or I get a couple of grand to burn.

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