Star Fox Zero – The Battle Begins

What’s this? TK making a post about Nintendo AND Animé? What is the world coming to? Well, worry not, the world isn’t going to end or anything like that, but for once Nintendo did a good thing. For the promotion of Star Fox Zero on the Wii-U, Nintendo teamed up with Production IG and WIT Studios to create a 15 minute long animé episode explaining the opening for the new game. Judging from the footage streamed on GT Live (MatPat’s Game Theory live stream channel) it seems the cartoon takes place during the first mission of Star Fox Zero, including setting up some plot foreshadowing for the game. Despite the art style not being my normal thing, I have to say I really enjoyed it so I thought I’d make a quick Gaming News post about it.

If you’ve not yet seen the short, you can watch it below. I advise you do so if you’re a Star Fox fan, and see just how many references and throwbacks to the games you can spot*.

* Yes, “Do a barrel roll” features. Of course it does.

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