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TigerTails Gaming Streams: Hard Edge (aka T.R.A.G) – Part 2

Picking up from where he left off during PlayStation Month last year, Xavier returns to the world of Hard Edge to see if he can finish the game, or at least get close enough to the end to finish it in a third stream. Join him as he takes on the Resident Evil-esque puzzles and camera, aided by TK looking up things on the Internet when he inevitably gets lost and stuck. Will he succeed? Tune in and find out.

PlayStation Month Live: Hard Edge (AKA T.R.A.G)

PlayStation Month is upon us, and so what better way to kick things off than video a stream of a game that’s got a small cult following, and is most likely going to drive Xavier up the wall with the controls? A survival horror style game, without the survival or the horror, and set in a land that could be Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, Hard Edge (or T.R.A.G in the USA) is a reasonably short action puzzle game that Xavier will be trying for the very first time. Will there be technical difficulties abound? Will Xavier curse the world and all it stands for? Or will he actually get on fine with it and have a jolly good time? Tune in to find out…

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