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PlayStation Month – Um Jammer Lammy Review

To celebrate 25 years since the release of the original PlayStation in the UK, TigerTails Gaming are making the month of September a celebration of all things PS1.

In this video, TK delves into the madness that is Um Jammer Lammy, the semi-sequel to Parappa the Rapper. A glorious rhythm action game that is as fantastic as it is absolutely crazy. When you have a game about a socially anxious lamb who plays guitar, you know you’re in for a time that was only available on PlayStation. This video will take a look at the story, the game play, and the madness that is Um Jammer Lammy.

PlayStation Month – Kingsley’s Adventure Review

In this video, TK takes on an under-rated game released by Psygnosis which features an anthropomorphic fox as the lead character, always a good sign. This is TK’s first actual review for the channel so why he chose a game from his youthful days about a game that most people haven’t heard of it anyone’s guess. The review includes footage from both the PAL and the NTSC-U version of the game, captured from real hardware, a PlayStation Classic, and the ePSXe PlayStation emulator.

TigerTails Gaming plays: Land Rover & Ford Off-Road

Hello everyone! It’s Hedgie here, and I’ve been allowed to FINALLY do my own video on TigerTails gaming. It’s early days for me, so they gave me an old racing game for the PS2, something that no one actually cares about much anymore, so if I break it, nothing will go wrong. This one is an off-road racing game, but with REAL cars and stuff! It’s pretty cool, see what you think! See you all later, Hedgie!

Introduction Music
Galactic – Double Hedge Studios

Backing Music
Rocket Cars – Double Hedge Studios

Credits Music
Contemplation – Double Hedge Studios

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