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TigerTails Gaming Streams: Sonic Unleashed

In a change to the scheduled game, Xavier has injured his hand, so the usual Friday Night Fight is being postponed until he has recovered. So TK will be playing the game today, and in the continuation of celebrating 30 years of Sonic, the pair will be playing through Sonic Unleashed. Most people know of the PS3 and 360 version, but less people talk about the version that was on PS2 and Wii, so it’s the PS2 version that will be being played tonight. Since the older consoles were not able to handle the Hedgehog Engine, the game is a different beast to the main version of the game, so as TK has played some of the PS3 version, he will now get to experience the “joys” of the PS2 version. How far will he get? Will Xavier rage quit the stream as TK sucks badly? Tune in to find out.

Sonic Year – Sonic Under 30 Challenge

Sonic hits the big 3 0 in 2021, so what better way than to have a year long celebration for the blue blur? Well, there are probably much better ways, but that’s not the TigerTails Gaming way, is it? If all goes to plan, there shall be no less than 12 Sonic Year videos (averaging one a month is the target), and this one is the first…

Join Xavier and Hedgie, as they attempt to complete Act 1 of Green Hill Zone from the Christian Whitehead version of Sonic 1 in less than 30 seconds. TK has already set a time, and the challenge is to beat him if they can – with only 10 attempts in which to do so! Will they beat the time, or will they even beat 30 seconds? Game played on an Android emulator, using a PS4 controller.

Additional Credits (which TK forgot to add to the video):
Intro Video Footage by Marza Animation Planet
Fonts by Nise

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