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TigerTails Gaming Streams: Assassin’s Creed

Going back in time, yet to the future, with tonight’s Games That Kick Xavier’s Arse. The original Assassin’s Creed on PS3. A game that Xavier has played many moons ago in his youth. Can he remember how to play, or will his muscle memory fail and cause many deaths? Stat tuned to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Sonic The Fighters

Another Sonic stream this week, as it’s time for a Friday Night Fights event. This time, we’re going back to the arcade (albeit on PS3) with the game Sonic the Fighters. Based on the Fighting Vipers engine, the game lets you beat up your favourite (or least favourite) Sonic characters. And this time, there are stakes… What are they? Tune in to fight out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Trying New Things: Titanfall 2

We are trying something new, that should push my PC a bit. We are breaking out some more big robots, FPS style, with Titanfall 2. Depending on how things go, we may even venture into multiplayer, and suck.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Sonic The Hedgehog (8 Bit)

Going back in time to the days of the Sega Master System with this week’s game. Certainly to kick Xavier’s arse is the original Sonic the Hedgehog… 8 Bit version!

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Disney’s Treasure Planet

Back with another PS2 era game, and this time it’s the turn of a Disney license. Sometimes these are amazing, and sometimes they are not. Xavier is about to find out which way the pendulum swings in today’s episode of Games That Kick My Arse. Will he be foiled by bad cameras and terrible voice acting, or will he surprised and actually enjoy himself? Only time will tell, so tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Tokyo Highway Challenge

Hedgie fancies invading another Wednesday stream, and who is Xavier to stand in his way? It’s off the the Sega Dreamcast this week for some high speed crashing in the PAl version of Tokyo Highway Challenge. How far will Hedgie get before miserable failure kicks in? Tune in to find out!

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Hard Edge (aka T.R.A.G) – Part 4

Picking up from where he left off from a few weeks ago, Xavier returns to the world of Hard Edge to see if he can finish the game, or at least get close enough to the end to finish it in a fifth stream. Join him as he takes on the Resident Evil-esque puzzles and camera, aided by TK looking up things on the Internet when he inevitably gets lost and stuck. Will he succeed? Tune in and find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

It’s that time for Games that Kick my Ass, only this time no TK. We do have a doggo, but we can’t ger her on the stream. In the meantime, join Xavier as he attempts to play Ty the Tasmanian Tiger on PS2. Will the game kick his ass, will TK turn up, will the stream start on time?? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Juiced

While Xavier recovers from injury, Hedgie steps in to tackle the whole streaming thing. With the aid of TK in the booth, Hedgie takes on Juiced on the PS2. Not quite the PC game that’s usually in this timeslot, but Hedgie isn’t a PC gamer. However, he likes a good racing game, so will the career mode be the sort of game he’s looking for, or will his ideal drive be on a different motorway? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Sonic Unleashed

In a change to the scheduled game, Xavier has injured his hand, so the usual Friday Night Fight is being postponed until he has recovered. So TK will be playing the game today, and in the continuation of celebrating 30 years of Sonic, the pair will be playing through Sonic Unleashed. Most people know of the PS3 and 360 version, but less people talk about the version that was on PS2 and Wii, so it’s the PS2 version that will be being played tonight. Since the older consoles were not able to handle the Hedgehog Engine, the game is a different beast to the main version of the game, so as TK has played some of the PS3 version, he will now get to experience the “joys” of the PS2 version. How far will he get? Will Xavier rage quit the stream as TK sucks badly? Tune in to find out.

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