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TigerTails Gaming Streams: Sonic The Fighters

Another Sonic stream this week, as it’s time for a Friday Night Fights event. This time, we’re going back to the arcade (albeit on PS3) with the game Sonic the Fighters. Based on the Fighting Vipers engine, the game lets you beat up your favourite (or least favourite) Sonic characters. And this time, there are stakes… What are they? Tune in to fight out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Tokyo Highway Challenge

Hedgie fancies invading another Wednesday stream, and who is Xavier to stand in his way? It’s off the the Sega Dreamcast this week for some high speed crashing in the PAl version of Tokyo Highway Challenge. How far will Hedgie get before miserable failure kicks in? Tune in to find out!

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Juiced

While Xavier recovers from injury, Hedgie steps in to tackle the whole streaming thing. With the aid of TK in the booth, Hedgie takes on Juiced on the PS2. Not quite the PC game that’s usually in this timeslot, but Hedgie isn’t a PC gamer. However, he likes a good racing game, so will the career mode be the sort of game he’s looking for, or will his ideal drive be on a different motorway? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Shadow the Hedgehog

Taking a Friday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, tonight Xavier suffers. Not only will he have to battle against the piece of software known as Shadow the Hedgehog, but Hedgie has said he wants to commentate… Oh dear. So place your bets on what will drive Xavier crazy first, and then tune in to see if you were right.

Sonic Year – Sonic Under 30 Challenge

Sonic hits the big 3 0 in 2021, so what better way than to have a year long celebration for the blue blur? Well, there are probably much better ways, but that’s not the TigerTails Gaming way, is it? If all goes to plan, there shall be no less than 12 Sonic Year videos (averaging one a month is the target), and this one is the first…

Join Xavier and Hedgie, as they attempt to complete Act 1 of Green Hill Zone from the Christian Whitehead version of Sonic 1 in less than 30 seconds. TK has already set a time, and the challenge is to beat him if they can – with only 10 attempts in which to do so! Will they beat the time, or will they even beat 30 seconds? Game played on an Android emulator, using a PS4 controller.

Additional Credits (which TK forgot to add to the video):
Intro Video Footage by Marza Animation Planet
Fonts by Nise

PlayStation Month – Beating Driver’s Car Park

Hedgie and Xavier endure what is possibly the hardest challenge on the original PlayStation: Beating the opening to Driver and completing the car park mission. This was originally going to be a stream back in 2018, but Internet issues forced them to record it instead. At first is was going to bed edited down but instead it ended up being released as is so everyone can witness Hedgie’s evolution from total noob to someone who has half a clue on how to control the car. Will he beat the game before giving up, throwing the controller through the screen, and burning down an orphanage? Watch on and find out.

PlayStation Month Live: Wipeout 3 Special Edition AirPad Battle

This was originally streamed on 11/09/2020, however the stream died so this is most of what happened up to that point. It was supposed to be a link game battle, but as the consoles refused to connect Hedgie and Xavier battled via Split Screen instead. There was also a twist – the whole game was controlled using AirPad controllers. Early motion control gaming, which really helps level out the handicap as Xavier is usually better at Wipeout than Hedgie is. This was what happened during the stream before it died.

Backing music by Sanxion7.

PlayStation Month Live: Doom (Co-Op)

For the first Friday Stream of PlayStation Month, Hedgie joins Xavier for a spot of the 1995 PlayStation release of Doom, using 2 linked PS1 consoles. The battle buddies were given the option of co-oping it or DeathMatching, and they went for Co-Op, so how far through will they get before giving up and blaming the controller? Hopefully they last enough to make a nice stream, but time will tell. TK will be on hand to lend comment and switch camera angles to show off everyone’s gameplay. Tune in to find out how they do.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

It’s TK’s birthday, so to celebrate we’re going to have a mini party, and what better way to party than to gather folks together for a bit of multiplayer fun. Hedgie joins us, and challenges Xavier and TK to a spot of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed on the PS3. Who will come out on top, or who will murder Hedgie first? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming plays a Mystery Game (Episode 6)

This video was recorded in 2019, and is being uploaded today for reasons you’ll see in the video. At the time of upload, Covid-19 restrictions are in place, and TigerTails Gaming does not endorse breaking them for a YouTube video.

As Xavier got to have a mystery game without Hedgie for Bishi Bashi Special, it seemed only fair to let Hedgie have a mystery game without Xavier. Fresh from TigerTails Radio, Echo joins Hedgie as they delve into the world of an unreleased Megadrive/Genesis game by the magical duo of Penn & Teller. Hedgie lets Echo take control, as they play a round of What’s Your Sign, before a (full and unedited) run on the Desert Bus. How long will Echo last as he drives the “party bus”? The answer might surprise you!

Music used in the credits:
Fig Leaf Rag, by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)

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