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TigerTails Gaming Streams: Stories: The Path of Destinies

It’s another TK take over stream as he tries to get the final 2 trophies to unlock the Platinum in Stories: The Path of Destinies on PS4. With the last couple of skills to unlock and the last 3 endings to get, TK is in a good place to unlock his prize before the end of the stream. Will he do it and add another Platinum trophy to his collection, or will the game get the better of him and force him to get the trophy off air later? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: SoulCalibur Broken Destiny

Transcending History and the World, a tale of Souls and Swords… Yadda yadda yadda… It’s that time of week where Xavier plays games that are likely to kick his arse, and this week we have some more fighting with TK to enjoy. Not just the usual bickering, but some retro SoulCalibur. This time it’s the turn of Broken Destiny on the PSP that’s getting the love, as the cast blow the dust off the old PSP1000 and the Vita TV to stream some classic SoulCalibur action. Ad-Hoc wireless mode powers – Activate!

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Jack ‘N’ Jill DX

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Games That Kick Xavier’s Arse, although this week things are a little different. To begin the stream, it’s a race! A race to the Platinum trophy. TK vs Xavier in a battle to see who can collect all the trophies first in Jack ‘N’ Jill DX. Xavier will be on the PS4 while TK will be on the Vita. Xavier can then enjoy the game solo after the race. Who will win? Who can race past the gold and hit the Platinum first? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Spirit of the North

The Friday streams return, and this time Xavier is playing a game that TK purchased on a sort of whim. The Signature Edition of Spirit of the North. Neither of them really know what this game is about, and so fancied doing an unboxing of the rather nice looking special edition box. Today’s stream, however, is all about the gameplay. What will happen as Xavier takes control, and does whatever the game wants him to do? Tune in and see.

Sonic Year – Sonic Under 30 Challenge

Sonic hits the big 3 0 in 2021, so what better way than to have a year long celebration for the blue blur? Well, there are probably much better ways, but that’s not the TigerTails Gaming way, is it? If all goes to plan, there shall be no less than 12 Sonic Year videos (averaging one a month is the target), and this one is the first…

Join Xavier and Hedgie, as they attempt to complete Act 1 of Green Hill Zone from the Christian Whitehead version of Sonic 1 in less than 30 seconds. TK has already set a time, and the challenge is to beat him if they can – with only 10 attempts in which to do so! Will they beat the time, or will they even beat 30 seconds? Game played on an Android emulator, using a PS4 controller.

Additional Credits (which TK forgot to add to the video):
Intro Video Footage by Marza Animation Planet
Fonts by Nise

TigerTails Gaming plays: Brok the InvestiGator – Prologue

Warning – While this video has been heavily edited down to try to avoid major story/plot/puzzle spoilers, some may still remain. If you want to know our thoughts without major spoilers, please use the chapters provided (so long as they work with embedded videos – otherwise proceed with caution).

Join Xavier (with TK off camera) with a highlights reel from a 3 hour playthrough as he takes on the latest Point & Click adventure, Brok the Investigator – Prologue. Made by CowCat Games, the game tells the story of Brok, an alligator who’s also a private investigator (plus handyman). Xavier takes control of the titular character as he tries to solve the case of a missing gun. This is the first chapter of the game, available to download now for free on Steam and Good Old Games (links below).

The first “Classic Adventure” mixed with Beat’em Up and RPG, inspired by cartoons from the 80’s/early 90’s. What kind of detective will you be?

There is a KickStarter ongoing for the release of the full game, which you can go and back here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cowcatgames/brok-the-investigator

Get the game:
Prologue (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1318790
Prologue (GOG) – https://www.gog.com/game/brok_the_investigator_prologue
Full Game (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/949480
Full Game (GOG) – https://www.gog.com/game/brok_the_investigator
Visit the game’s website: https://www.brokgame.com/

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Disney’s Aladdin (Megadrive) Race With Bonus Lion King Ending

Xavier wants a game that will kick his arse does he? Well, how about a blast from the past in the form of the Megadrive/Genesis version of Disney’s Aladdin? And for added difficulty, why not make it a race? Megadrive vs PS4 thanks to the double pack of Aladdin and The Lion King released on the PS4 (and others). Who can get the furthest in the time allowed? With “glorious” split-screen-o-vision so the Megadrive and PS4 can share the screen. Will Xavier get his arse kicked? Tune in to find out.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Little Big Planet 3

In a rare turn of events, Xavier will be playing a game this week that’s actually current… So long as you consider the PS4 still current now the PS5 is out, and ignore the fact this game is 6 years old now. This week the game was “something fun and multiplayer” so what better game than Little Big Planet 3 to fulfil this request? This is a game that even TK’s only played a little bit of, so this will be a good chance to clear his backlog a little. How far will our sack people go? Will it all end in tears – or even tears? Who does crying and ripping both share the same word? Who even reads this far down in the description? Comment and let us know.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Final Fantasy X

As the unofficial celebration of PlayStation 2 month draws to a close, it’s TK’s turn to play, and what better game to finish on than the one that both he and Xavier voted as best PS2 game of all time during Season 5 Episode 27 of TigerTails Radio? It has been no secret that TK took over 5 years to beat the game, playing off and on over that time, so for tonight’s show, TK will be dusting off the 220+ hours save file and tackling the final portion of the game one more time. Join TK and Xavier as they get to watch TK complete the end of Final Fantasy X on the PS2. Spoilers for the end if you’re still playing the HD remaster.

TigerTails Gaming Streams: Tekken 5 (With bonus Soul Calibur 2)

As the unofficial celebration of PlayStation 2 month continues Xavier dukes it out against TK once again in another Tekken game. This time they spar in Tekken 5, with the added bonus of a spot of Soul Calibur 2 at the end. Who will emerge victorious? Who will get to call themselves the King of Iron Fist? Tune in to find out.

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